Save 80% on Medical Services and Procedures for one low annual fee !!

What is Medisaver Medical Plan ?

Don't ever take your health for granted. Getting checked out regularly is essential for maintaining good health.   Medisaver is a medical discount plan that has been fully licensed by the state of Florida ( Department of insurance regulations allowing members the opportunity to receive up to 75% discounts in all areas of medicine. Our members obtain discounts in general medicine, dental, and laboratory work. We also offer discounts with specialist and most procedures they offer. Also Medisaver has great savings on pharmaceuticals at over 60000 locations. Medisaver's associated centers are conveniently located throughout the Miami-Dade, Broward, and west palm beach areas. Doctors associated with MediSaver are board certified to practice in the state of Florida, and are among the very best in the state. Medisaver's purpose is to help fulfill the health-care needs of those individuals that for whatever reason cannot obtain medical insurance, we offer a excellent alternative. With Medisaver everybody qualifies . You will also receive professional customer service and support with your Medisaver representatives. Medisaver reps will help you find doctors, make appointments, or simply answer any questions you might have about Medisaver and our services. Upon becoming a member you will receive a complete list of prices that include discounted prices for all procedures along with a list of Medisaver associated centers which will include Centers/Doctors name, telephone number, address,  and field of specialty. Members will also receive a copy of the membership form so they can utilize the Medisaver program immediately upon becoming a member. With Medisaver there are no monthly payments just one low annual payment, and members only pay for services when they require them. For these reasons Medisaver has truly become the number one ( 1 ) alternative for all your health-care needs.   

Welcome to Medisaver


“After not qualifying for any insurance my wife was in desperate need of medical care but prices for healthcare with no coverage was too much for us to afford, After a friend told us about medisaver we signed up, she saw a doctor within days. Received great treatment and great discounts with doctor and laboratory exams as well as discounts with specialist my wife needed to see. Now she's doing better than ever and its been 3 years now that me and my family have been very satisfied members of medisaver. From the bottom of my heart thanks for everything”


Jose Martinez   Kendall, Fl

“For me personally I prefer medisaver over insurance. Great Doctors, Great Prices , No monthly payments. This is the best medical plan I've had the pleasure to be a part of”


Susan Griffen   Hollywood, Fl


5901 nw 151st st  suite # 209

Miami Lakes, Fl  33014

Office Number : ( 305 ) 884 - 8740

Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm



9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Evenings by Appointment

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Medisaver Providers


This is a comprehensive list of doctors associated with Medisaver Medical Discount Card

Prices for Medisaver Members


This is a complete list of prices our associated centers provide for our members

2017  Medisaver Medical Discount Card   5901 nw 151st St. Miami Lakes, Fl 33014  (305)884-8740

This is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance.

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